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In order to create your email account in your Outlook email client or in case you wish to modify an existing email account, here follow the steps:


  1. Go to menu ‘File’ and follow the following instructions:


  1. Create a new email account:


2a. In case you already have an email account set up in your Outlook and want to modify settings of this email account, follow step 2a and 2b instead of step 2., then continue with step 5. If you are adding a new email account, then skip step 2a and 2b:



2b. double click the account you wish to modify here:


  1. Choose the ‘Manual’ way:


  1. Choose first option:


  1. Fill out this part as per account data given to you:


  1. In More Setting, go to the 2nd tab and check the ‘My outgoing server’-box:


  1. Back to previous screen, check the ‘Test Account Settings’ first. In case you do not have the option to check this box, click the ‘Test Account Settings’-button (above checkbox) – this solely has the purpose to check if your account has been set up properly and you would be able to check it here. à after the check, click ‘Next’


  1. After Outlook has tested your new email account, you’ll get a report:


Click the close button and you are done

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